There’s a break from the mixed hockey leagues this weekend as clubs compete in the first round of the cup, plate and bowl knockout competitions.

The cup sees the teams from the Premiership of Manx hockey compete, with the first of these games being LJ Partnership Ramsey A looking for an upset victory against Canaccord Genuity Vikings A.

Ramsey Crookall Bacchas B will meet Motorworx Valkyrs A as the western side look to transfer their good form in the league into cup success.

The third fixture sees Canaccord Genuity Vikings B go head-to-head with the formidable Ramsey Crookall Bacchas A.

Finally J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Celts play Athena Healthcare Harlequins A as the yellow and blacks look to avenge their 7-3 defeat against the southern side in the league.

Sides from Division One will face off in the Plate, with league leaders J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Southerners looking to take a step towards the double as they play Canaccord Genuity Vikings C.

The second and last game in the plate this week has Ramsey Crookall Bacchas C fight for a victory against Motorworx Valkyrs B.

Both Motorworx Valkyrs C and J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Cammags have a bye.

The last of the three competitions sees teams from Division Two and Division Three compete for the Mixed Bowl. Ramsey Crookall Bacchas Colts will meet Division Three league leaders Athena Healthcare Harlequins B as the second-string Quins look to make a run against some tough opposition.

It’s an inter Canaccord Genuity Vikings derby as the D and E sides look to advance to the second round. The final game sees J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Cushags play Motorworx Valkyrs D, while Ramsey Ravens have a bye.

The under-15s are back in league action once again with the first fixture seeing Motorworx Valkyrs in action against Canaccord Genuity Vikings. In what promises to be a thrilling meeting, Athena Healthcare Harlequins play J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Sabres.

The second J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown side, the Sharks, will be playing Ramsey Crookall Bacchas A. Finally, LJ Partnership Ramsey Rogues & Rascals face off against Ramsey Crookall Bacchas B to round off the weekend.

Junior island sides

Hockey doesn’t stop on Saturday this weekend as the Isle of Man junior sides are in action against teams from across on Sunday, with each age group playing in the EH Tier Two KO Championship.

The Manx under-14s boys will be travelling to Preston to face their counterparts, while the Isle of Man girls under-14s will be doing likewise when they head to Garstang.

The island’s under-16 sides will be looking to return triumphant as the boys head to Lancaster to take on Oxton Boys U16s, while the Manx girls will face Chorley Phoenix Girls U16s in Warrington.

The last of the Manx sides playing this weekend is the under-18 girls who have a tough fixture away against Bowden Girls U18s.

The Isle of Man u18s boys have a home draw in this round of the competition and are looking to play this game in the island, therefore they do not have a fixture this Sunday.


Saturday, October 7:

Mixed Cup

11.05amLJ Partnership Ramsey A

v Canaccord Genuity Vikings A @ the NSC

12.35pmRamsey Crookall Bacchas B

v Motorworx Valkyrs A @ the NSC

2.05pmCanaccord Genuity Vikings B

v Ramsey Crookall Bacchas A @ the NSC

3.35pmJ. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Celts

v Athena Healthcare Harlequins A @ the NSC

Mixed Plate

11.05amCanaccord Genuity Vikings C

v J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Southerners


12.35pmRamsey Crookall Bacchas C

v Motorworx Valkyrs B @ CRHS

Byes for Motorworx Valkyrs C and

J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Cammags

Mixed Bowl

11.05amJ. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Cushags

v Motorworx Valkyrs D @ QEII

12.35pmRamsey Crookall Bacchas Colts

v Athena Healthcare Harlequins B @ RGS

2.05pmCanaccord Genuity Vikings D

v Canaccord Genuity Vikings E @ RGS

Bye - Ramsey Ravens

Under-15s League

12.35pmAthena Healthcare Harlequins

v J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Sabres


2.05pmJ. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Sharks

v Ramsey Crookall Bacchas A


2.05pmMotorworx Valkyrs

v Canaccord Genuity Vikings @ CRHS

3.35pmLJ Partnership Ramsey Rogues &

Rascals v Ramsey Crookall Bacchas B