In the penultimate week of the mixed hockey season, teams across the four leagues enter the final stretch this Saturday.

The Premiership, now split in two halves, sees league leaders Motorworx Valkyrs A take on J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Celts, with the Peel side looking for a crucial win in their search for the title.

Second and third place Ramsey Crookall Bacchas A and Canaccord Genuity Vikings A have their third meeting of the year in a fixture which should have no shortage of goals.

Looking to avoid relegation, Exceed Business Services Ramsey A play a must-win game against Canaccord Genuity Vikings B, while Athena Healthcare Harlequins A play Ramsey Crookall Bacchas B with their previous meeting ending 5-5.

Division One sees J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Southerners look to rebound from their loss last weekend when they go up against Ramsey Crookall Bacchas C.

The second J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown side in the division, Cammags, play Canaccord Genuity Vikings C. Having snatched the top spot last Saturday, Motorworx Valkyrs B take on their C side as they hope to retain their position with only two games left to play.

Having clinched the Division Two title last weekend, Canaccord Genuity Vikings D have a inter-club derby match against their C team, while the remaining clubs fight it out for their final league places.

Ramsey Crookall Bacchas Colts play J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Cushags in a match which will prove important for their final standings.

Motorworx Valkyrs D need to take a win in their match against Exceed Business Services Ramsey Ravens to ensure their safety in the division.

In the final senior league, J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Cosney have to win in order to have any hope of finishing second in Division Three as they play Exceed Business Services Ramsey Rookies.

League winners Athena Healthcare Harlequins A take on current second-placed side Ramsey Crookall Bacchas D, while in the final game J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Carrick play Athena Healthcare Harlequins C.

The first of the Under-15s League fixtures is a must-win game for both Athena Healthcare Harlequins and Ramsey Crookall Bacchas A if they want to catch current league leaders Ramsey Crookall Bacchas B who face a tough test this weekend against J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Sabres.

Elsewhere, Motorworx Valkyrs take on J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Sharks and finally the last game of the weekend sees Exceed Business Services Ramsey Rogues & Rascals play Canaccord Genuity Vikings.


Saturday, November 18:


12.35pmValkyrs A v J Castletown Celts @ QEII

2.05pmBacchas A v Vikings A @ the NSC

2.05pmBacchas B v Harlequins A @ KWC

11.05amVikings B v Ramsey A @ the NSC

Division One

12.35pmBacchas C v Castletown Southerners


2.05pmCastletown Cammags v Vikings C

2.05pmValkyrs C v Valkyrs B @ QEII

Division Two

11.05amBacchas Colts v Castletown Cushags


11.05amRamsey Ravens v Valkyrs D @QEII

12.35pmVikings D v Vikings E @ the NSC

Division Three

12.35pmRamsey Rookies v Castletown Cosney


2.05pmHarlequins B v Bacchas D @ RGS

3.35pmCastletown Carrick v Harlequins C @ RGS

Under-15s League

12.35pmHarlequins v Bacchas A @ KWC

3.35pmValkyrs v Castletown Sharks @QEII

3.35pmBacchas B v Castletown Sabres @CRHS

3.35pmRamsey Rogues & Rascals v Vikings

@ the NSC