With the Six Nations starting, it’s always a light fixture list domestically and there’s only one game on the card this week where Ramsey face Castletown at Mooragh Park in the Manx Shield.

The Shield holders have had two big wins against Nomads in the last three weeks but will be taking the foot off the gas this week and try to start as many players as possible who are on the fringes of the full-strength first team.

Second team captain Simon Corlett is likely to skipper the team and should bring in the likes of Will Howard, Jake Christian and Joey Callow - who didn’t start last week - plus the possibility of a few non-regulars like Joe Flanagan, Magnus Black and Chris King.

This will mean a less daunting prospect for Town whose paper-thin squad would have been wary of a 93-0 result last Saturday.

Also of course Vagabonds, Nomads and Western Vikings all have a free week and a few additional players should drift Castletown’s way which may make it interesting.

On paper though, it should be a Ramsey win.