The second round of Manx Hockey Association’s 2022-23 Rossborough men’s and women’s league fixtures take place this weekend.

In the Men’s Premiership, Vikings will be looking to improve their start of the season when they line up against Valkyrs A.

Bacchas A will hope for a fairly straightforward game when they meet their B team at the NSC.

Elsewhere, Castletown - buoyant from their win over Vikings A last weekend - will be aiming to secure another two points against Ramsey.

We will see from this weekend’s results just who the contenders are likely to be.

In Men’s Division One, Harlequins A enjoyed a cracking start to the season and this weekend face Vikings B who will hope to have some more of their squad available.

In the other game in this league, their respective lower teams take on each other with Vikings C facing Harlequins B.

Men’s Division Two will see Bacchas Colts attempt to come fighting back against Bacchas C and get their first two points on the board, but their opponents will be tough to beat in this league.

There’s also a derby in the other game between Castletown B v Castletown C in which the former should be confident of winning.

Women’s Premiership

The Women’s Premiership has yet another derby game for the day, with Castletown A favourites to get the better of their B side.

Bacchas A v Vikings A will be the latter’s first game of the season and a close contest should be in prospect.

The holders will want to get their season going but this young Bacchas side are looking quick and sharp, and could throw a spanner in the works.

Women’s Division One’s Valkyrs B versus Ramsey A will be the game of the day and the one to watch.

After Bacchas B claimed a point last week against the northerners, this will give Valkyrs B hope that they can do likewise this Saturday.

Vikings B will want to get a win under their belt this weekend when they take on Bacchas C - they weren’t out of their match last time out and should push for the win.

In Women’s Division Two, the last derby of the day will be Castletown C versus Castletown D which should be an exciting game in prospect.

Vikings C v Ramsey is the final match of the day up in Ramsey and looks to be a tight game in a league that anything can happen in.

Elsewhere, Harlequins B take on Valkyrs C which again on paper should be another corker after close results last week.

Saturday, jANUARY 21:

Men’s Premier League

12.35pm @ QEII Valkyrs A v Vikings A

2.05pm @ NSC Bacchas B v Bacchas A

12.35pm @ RGS Castletown A v Ramsey A

Women’s Premier League

11.05am @ NSC Bacchas A v Vikings A

3.35pm @ CRHS Castletown A v Castletown B

Men’s Division One

12.35pm @ NSC Harlequins B v Vikings C

2.05pm @ QEII Vikings B v Harlequins A

Women’s Division One

2.05pm @ KWC Vikings B v Bacchas C

2.05pm @ RGS Ramsey A v Valkyrs B

3.35pm @ KWC Bacchas B v Harlequins A

Men’s Division Two

3.35pm @ NSC Bacchas Colts v Bacchas C

12.35pm @ CRHS Castletown B v Castletown C

Women’s Division Two

2.05pm @ CRHS Castletown D v Castletown C

3.35pm @ QEII Valkyrs C v Harlequins B

3.35pm @ RGS Vikings C v Ramsey B

Mixed Under-15s League

11.05am @ QEIIRamsey Rogues & Rascals

v Valkyrs

12.35pm @ KWCHarlequins v Bacchas

11.05am @ CRHS Castletown Sabres v Vikings