Temperatures in the month of June reached their highest level in the last 30 years, according to statistics from the Isle of Man Meteorological Office.

The mean daily maximum temperature across the month was 19.9C℃, a significant increase from the previous record of 19.2C℃ from 2018. This is also more than three degrees above the 30-year average for June.

After a very dry May, the fine weather continued into June, with no measurable rainfall across the entire TT fortnight.

The Isle of Man did particularly well due to the easterly winds, which brought cloud off the North Sea to many parts of England, leaving the island with blue skies.

The peak temperature of 28.1C℃ on June 13 was a new record at Ronaldsway, and the second warmest day of any month since records began in 1947.

The sunniest day recorded was Wednesday, June 14, with 15.6 hours of recorded sunshine. Overall, there were 269 hours of bright sunshine recorded during the month, which is roughly 62 hours more than the long-term average.

After the conclusion of the TT, the second half of June was more changeable, but rainfall still only came to 33mm in the gauge, which is just over half the average. The wettest day on record was Saturday, June 17, with 11.7mm of recorded rainfall.