There are lots of reasons why here on the Isle of Man we should use our power to limit the impact of climate change. 64% of the public are concerned about climate change with more than half already seeing its impact here. With effects becoming more evident and catastrophic in other parts of the world, many people in our Manx community and across the public and private sector are working hard to protect our planet and look after our Biosphere. Here are a few reasons why:   

Climate Change is Affecting the Isle of Man and will Continue to get Worse   

Just this month, over the course of 24 hours, there was almost more rainfall than expected in the whole of April. March was the wettest month on record. A warmer atmosphere can hold more water; for every 1 degree of warming, the atmosphere holds an extra 7% of moisture which is why we’ve seen storms climb to double digits. Flooding and more frequent severe weather events are impacting local lives and livelihoods, with the UK Met Office predicting 30% more rainfall in the next 50 years. Elsewhere, droughts are limiting the production and driving up costs of staple food products like coffee and cocoa.          

The Rest of Nature is in Crisis   

From woodlands and wetlands to our oceans, the rest of nature is under strain due to the shifting climate. Native species face challenges as they struggle to adapt to the rapid pace of change, including altered temperatures, reduced food supplies, new pressures from predation, pests, disease, and habitat changes.

We owe it to our Grandchildren, and our Grandchildren’s Grandchildren  

We greatly value the natural beauty of our island, our Biosphere, and the wonders of our world. Future generations deserve to enjoy the same.      

A Low Carbon Island - A Fairer Island

Low-carbon policies often encourage a fairer and more equal way of life. Insulating homes can reduce emissions, and enhance peoples' abilities to manage their costs, alleviating fuel poverty. Addressing climate change at a local level can enhance community resilience to its effects.   

It may all may seem daunting, but collectively we can make a difference and the power of the decisions we make each day cannot be underestimated. Every choice you make can have a ripple effect that will create change for a better world. There are some really simple ways you can help:  

  • When you buy a product or use a service, it's important to think about how it was made, who made it, were they treated fairly, what it’s made from, how it got here, the process it went through, how sustainable the company is (e.g. B-Corp) and what will happen to it after you have used it, i.e. avoiding it becoming waste.  
  • Each time we spend money, we are making a vote for the future of the planet. By buying less or buying more consciously, supporting businesses that prioritise sustainability we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.  
  • Individual decisions such as reusing, repurposing, recycling, composting and reducing waste can lower emissions and reduce the energy required to make and dispose of goods. 
  • By sharing knowledge, voicing concerns, openly engaging in discussions about climate-related issues and challenging misinformation, you can inspire others to act.  
  • Spending time in nature helping to plant trees and get involved in conservation is a way to boost your wellbeing and the planet's. As well as reducing stress and promoting longevity it also helps us feel more connected and more likely to engage in pro-environmental behaviours – naturally!   

A Week Celebrating Manx Nature 

If you want to try a range of experiences in nature and learn from leading conservation experts, Manx National Heritage’s annual Manx Wildlife Week begins 29 April to 5 May.     

In association with Manx Wildlife Trust and UNESCO Biosphere, and in partnership with some of the Island’s wildlife and conservation organisations, this event brings you everything from mushroom hunting, peat measuring, guided walks, silk painting, listening for bats, bio blitzes, wildflower seed paper making, treasure hunts, dolphin spotting, and yoga with the dawn chorus. Twenty-five events make up part of this fascinating programme exploring, discovering, and supporting our wonderful Manx nature.