The secretary of the Peel Gardeners’ Association is celebrating her 60th year with the committee.

Margaret Kennaugh’s diamond anniversary coincides with the association’s 79th annual show.

This takes place on August 21 and will sees both novice and proficient gardeners competing for prizes.

Margaret has been involved in the association since she was a teenager but quickly became secretary in September 1961.

She said: ’I was only young when I started helping them with the shows and then got onto the committee somehow or other.

’It’s just part of life, it comes around every year.’

Margaret is well-known for handwriting all of her work.

The 78-year-old added: ’I hand write everything, I don’t do computers.

’Maybe it’s old fashioned but I suppose it’s become a habit of mine, I’m very much used to it now.’

Margaret explained uptake for the association’s annual show has been impacted by the pandemic.

The St John’s resident said: ’Quite a few of the local shows have folded through lack of support and help, it’s really hard to get younger people pulled in particularly.

’Last year’s show was looking doubtful but we pulled it together at the end and had lots of people coming to see us and a good number of exhibitors.

’Of course, people have turned to more gardening during lockdown which is really interesting to see.’

Margaret is a keen gardener herself.

’I’m not an expert but I’ve always liked having a garden,’ she said.

When asked if she had noticed any significant changes in the association over the years, Margaret felt the show itself had evolved.

She continued: ’I suppose we have more exhibitors now.

’In the old days we used to have an opening at two o’clock and do afternoon tea and what have you, but now I just open the doors and run it through from two o’clock until half past six.

’[The association] used to have meetings and lectures but we just have the show now.’

The show will be held at the Mart in Knockaloe, Patrick, the same location as last year.