A 49-year-old woman from Cregneash has admitted driving while more than three times the drink-drive limit.

Naomi Callister’s driving was so bad that a fellow driver followed her home and at one point tried to block her from driving any further.

Callister was found by police at her home lying on her bed, unable to stand without assistance, and failed a breathalyser test with a reading of 113. The legal limit is 35.

She pleaded guilty to drink-driving and will be sentenced on December 2 after a probation report has been completed.

Prosecuting advocate Rebecca Cubbon told the court how Callister was driving her Hyundai Terracan at Four Roads in Port Erin on July 20 at 6.55pm.

A witness driving behind her said that the Terracan was crossing the centre line in the road and nearly collided with another vehicle at one point and also hit the kerb.

They said they followed Callister and when she stopped, they pulled in front of her in an effort to block her from continuing.

However, Callister drove away again and the witness then followed her to her home in Sound Road and called the police.

Police arrived and were let into Callister’s home by a relative.

They found Callister lying on a bed and she was described as slurring her words and had difficulty sitting up.

She told police: ’I haven’t drunk. I’ve just come from Southlands. I’ve done nothing wrong.’

Despite that claim she needed assistance to walk.

A cup and a bottle were found in her car which had residues of alcohol in it.

Callister then told police ’I need to show you something’, and pulled a pop bottle from her groin area.

She was searched and officers found another bottle in the breast area of her clothes.

At police headquarters she failed the breathalyser test with the reading of 113 and admitted that she had been drinking Vermouth as well as a small bottle of vodka.

The court heard that she has no previous convictions.

Defence advocate Stephen Wood said that his client accepted the facts in the main, but denied that she hit the kerb or that the witness fully blocked her path.

Mr Wood asked for a probation report to be prepared before sentencing, saying that there were issues which would benefit from discussion with probation services.

Bail continues in the sum of £500 with conditions not to drive and to contact probation.