Fishing boat rescue

Thursday 2nd September 2021 1:48 pm
The all-weather RNLI Ruby Clery was launched under the command of Coxswain Mark Kenyon. ()

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Ramsey RNLI launched on Tuesday to assist a fishing boat in the waters north of the island.

The Ramsey unit was paged at 1.22pm following a request for assistance from a 10- metre fishing vessel which had lost steering about four miles north-north west of the Point of Ayre.

The volunteer lifeboat crew of the all-weather RNLI Ruby Clery, under the command of coxswain Mark Kenyon, reached the fishing vessel at 2.20pm and established that the two people on board were not in need of immediate assistance themselves.

Sea conditions at the time of the rescue were described as moderate in the stiff north-easterly wind, and the fishing boat was taken under tow by the Ruby Clery to Ramsey harbour where it arrived at 3:50pm.

The lifeboat was then recovered, washed down and made ready for service again.

Coxswain Mark Kenyon said: ’The vessel and her experienced crew were on a delivery passage when the unfortunate breakdown occurred.

’Even the best preparations cannot rule out all eventualities.’

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