A fundraiser has been set up after a family’s car caught fire on Christmas Day.

A couple and their five-month-old son were visiting friends and while travelling home their Vauxhall Zafira caught light.

The fire service was called out to the scene at 9.45am and crew were there for 30 minutes until the area on the Ramsey Road was made safe.

A JustGiving page has been set up to raise £1,000, which will be put towards a new car for the family.

Rhiannon Cottier, who set up the fundraising page, said: ‘On Christmas Day, Jordan, Emma and their five-month-old son, were just visiting some friends before heading back to enjoy their Christmas with their family.

‘Not even five minutes into their journey home, their car set on fire, and within 10 minutes the whole car was completely on fire with nothing left in the car to recover.

‘The baby’s changing bag, all their Christmas money, and the insurance was only third party!

‘But thanks to their quick responses, all were removed from the car safely, but the car is an absolute write off.

‘As you can imagine, this has happened on the worst possible day of the year.

‘We were hoping that everyone could just donate a small portion of money towards getting them a new car.

‘Due to inflation and having a young baby, this means Emma is off work on maternity leave, so there just isn’t that spare cash lying around.

‘It would be amazing if everyone could spare even £5 to help this incredible family.’

The page has raised over £770 since it was set up on Boxing Day.