The landscape of policing has changed since the rise of cyber crime.

That’s according to Superintendent Stephen Maddocks, who said there are many different types of crime that need to be policed.

Meetings are taking place around the island as people discuss the biggest issues in their communities.

There have been calls for more bobbies on the beat, as well as a clamp down on speeding.

Superintendent Maddocks said: ’We always try to have a presence.

’People will see officers out on patrols, but there’s also the social media presence as well.

’We just need to make sure that we can strike a balance between everything that we have to service.’

Public events are being held in the north, east, south and west of the island to help shape the force’s policing plan.

He added: ’[We have to deal with] complaints of speeding, being visible in our community, but there’s also a cyber community now where people are being extorted online.

’The world of safeguarding has increased. It was always there but we didn’t really recognise it sometimes or deal with it in the most effective way.

’The landscape has changed and we need to make sure we flex with that and are agile to it.

’We need to be as efficient as we can to be able to deal with it.’

Two more public meetings are scheduled today (Tuesday) at Bunscoill Rhumsaa at 7pm and tomorrow at Old Friends’ Club on Finch Road in Douglas from 6.30pm.

Police say Covid-19 mitigations will be in place at each meeting with masks, hand sanitiser and contact details requested from those attending.

Anyone with Coronavirus symptoms is being asked not to show up.