A 22-year-old Onchan man has been fined £400 for having a lock knife in a public place.

William Gary Entwistle, of School Road, was seen with the knife at the Outback bar.

It was later found hidden in the bra of a woman he was with outside. The woman was said to have been dealt with by way of a caution.

Prosecuting advocate Rebecca Cubbon told the court that police received a report of a man in the Outback being seen with a knife on May 9 at 3.10am.

They found Entwistle walking with a woman on Fort Street and he was detained for a search.

Nothing was found but when police said they were going to search the woman she told them she had the knife in her bra.

When interviewed Entwistle gave ’no comment’ responses to all questions.

However, he was later told that the woman was being charged and he asked to be interviewed again.

This time he told police he had found the knife in bushes and as he was intoxicated he had thought it was ’quite cool’ so he picked it up.

He admitted taking it to the Outback and said that there was a group of men there who bully him.

He said that he had taken the knife out in the bar and shown it to someone but didn’t have any malicious intent.

Entwistle said he had thrown it away later in a car park but then the woman had picked it up as they thought it would be safer than leaving it there.

The court heard that he has no previous convictions.

Defence advocate Peter Taylor said: ’After the first interview police were going to take no further action. But he felt guilty she was going to take the blame. He made the confession when he didn’t have to. Police would never have been able to prove any offence against him.

’He admits he was intoxicated and there was obviously bravado, and showing it to someone has found him being arrested.’

Deputy High Bailiff James Brooks also ordered him to pay £50 prosecution costs.

Mr Brooks told Entwistle: ’It is very concerning to hear about you having a knife in a nightclub.’