A Jurby man has been sentenced to 120 hours of community service for benefit fraud.

Roger Moore, of Bretney Mews, admitted two counts of making false representation to obtain benefits, which resulted in him being overpaid £2,755.

We previously reported that Moore was claiming benefits but failed to tell authorities when he started working for Protec Security at the civic amenity site.

Information was received and Moore’s bank statements were examined showing that he had been receiving regular payments from Protec.

His hours were said to have varied but generally exceeded the 16 hours permitted for an income support claim.

A probation report said that Moore had begun working during TT 2018 as a security officer and was meant to only be working for a week. However, he was then offered further work.

Moore told probation that he had been paid in arrears working for two months before getting any salary.

He was now said to be working and had stopped claiming benefits.

Defence advocate Kate Alexander said that her client was willing and able to do community service.

The advocate said: ’The offence is against the Manx taxpayer so doing unpaid work to benefit the Manx community would allow him to put something back.’

The court heard that Moore’s claim had not been fraudulent from the outset.

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes said: ’It was a very mean offence against your fellow citizens in the Isle of Man.’

Moore was ordered to pay compensation of £2,755.63 plus £50 prosecution costs.

He will pay at a rate of £130 per month with 90 days in default of payment.