The police are now taking applications for a jobs in a new taskforce designed to tackle financial crime.

The Pro-active International Money Laundering Investigation Team (PIMLIT) will include five new recruits to the force alongside existing members of the economic crime unit.

Former police officer Darren Richards is project manager of the taskforce, having been a detective inspector in charge of the economic crime unit and chief inspector in charge of police operations for the force.

He has been living in the Isle of Man ever since he was posted to RAF Jurby Head when he served in the Air Force.

Mr Richards said: ‘We’re currently creating a team to try and combat the issue of money laundering so what we’re trying to do is upskill and give ourselves the capability to investigate serious and complex money laundering both in our jurisdiction and in other areas. This will also support our domestic economic crime unit.’

There are five financial investigator roles available and the ideal candidate is one who knows their way around the industry.

The salary is between £32,765 and £38,280 per year for 37 hours per week.

Mr Richards said: ‘We’re looking for people who are computer-literate, have a good eye for detail and are insatiably curious.

‘One of the things they need to do is understand how the money gets laundered, how it filters into the financial system and obviously if it’s associated with any other serious offence.’

Two drop-in sessions were held on Wednesday in the Government Learning and Development Centre for those who were interested in the position.

The PIMLIT will be made up of 21 people including management, legal support, administrative support and other positions that have yet to be advertised but will be ‘in the not too distant future’ according to Mr Richards.

Mr Richards said: ‘What we’re looking to do is develop a bespoke training pathway to obviously give people the skills to investigate financial crime.

‘We’re looking at a two-year pathway with some local and national training given by training providers.’

The PIMLIT’s restructuring started in September 2022 however Mr Richards aims to grow the team fast.

He said: ‘We do have a number of investigations ongoing and we’re hoping that greater resource will make us more effective.’

The closing date for the job is Wednesday, January 18, and you can apply on or via the government website.