Police defend TT actions

By Siobhan Fletcher   |   Reporter   |
Tuesday 14th June 2022 11:25 am
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The police have clarified the action they can take when people are caught entering closed roads or riding against the one way system on the mountain during the TT.

It’s after comments on the constabulary’s social media feeds questioned the differing punishments handed out - from cautions to large fines.

On Thursday (June 9), two motorbike riders were arrested and cautioned for going against the one way system in the area of the Bungalow on the Mountain road.

Three cyclists were also arrested last week for cycling the wrong way.

Two brothers from Leeds and a man from Swindon were also cautioned.

The Swindon man’s teenage son was released with no further action taken.

Other motorcyclists were also arrested over the course of the TT fortnight.

In a statement, police sergeant Andy Reed said: ‘[On Thursday, June 9] two French nationals were arrested for riding against the one way system on the Mountain Road.

‘They were issued with a formal police caution for that offence.

‘When dealing with any offence arrest is one option available to officers and we always have to consider if it was necessary and proportional.

‘Those riding against the one way system on the Mountain Road during TT or entering a closed road during TT will likely be arrested every time as it is proportionate and necessary to do so for public safety.

‘We can also for example issue fixed penalty notices or report persons for summons.

‘Persons arrested are detained in our custody for a period of time to allow the police to secure and preserve evidence.

‘Then a decision is made on disposal based on a number of factors once we have looked at the evidence.

‘These factors include:-

l Type of offence.

l Aggravating Factors such as risk to others.

l How long the offence took place for and so on.

l Mitigating factors such as first offence, where they are from, how long are they or will they be on the island. Was it a genuine error, age of person and so on.

‘The options then include No Further Action, Caution, Report for Summons, Charge and Bail to Court or Charge and Keep for Court.

‘We are sure that everyone would want this fair process to be followed.’

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