Police have again warned the public about heating oil thefts.

This comes after a string of thefts, mostly in the Laxey area.

A police spokesman said: ‘If you have a fuel tank on your property, ensure that you check it regularly and report any irregularities to your local police office.

‘The risk of you becoming a victim yourself can be minimised relatively easily, and at fairly low cost.’

The police advise those with heating oil tanks or bowsers to ensure that the tanks are as secure as they can be.

The force suggested that people ensure that their tank is as secure as it can be.

Consider applying a padlock/locking mechanism if possible to the tank itself, or ensuring that access to the tank is secured properly with securable gating/fencing etc.

Consider fitting movement-sensitive lighting or an outdoor spotlight and make sure that he tank is in a well-lit area.

Consider fitting a home CCTV system which covers your tank and its immediate surroundings.