Police are encouraging people to hand in any unlicensed firearms or licensed unwanted firearms, ammunition or any other weapons into them over the course of the next two weeks.

These can include:

Illegally held guns and ammunition

Imitation firearms and air guns and crossbows

Any unwanted legally held firearms or ammunition

Any other form of weapon that would be considered illegal, (knuckle dusters, electronic stun devices, knives, swords, machete, noxious gas/sprays etc).

The amnesty will run from Monday, January 16 to Wednesday, February 1.

During this period anyone surrendering firearms or weapons will not face prosecution for illegal possession, however, the history of each live weapon will be checked.

A police spokesperson added: ‘The Isle of Man is a safe place to live and visit, this weapons surrender is not suggesting anything other than that.

'Nevertheless, the more weapons that are handed in, then we are all ensuring the island remains a safe place to be and keeping people safe.

‘If you wish to bring a firearm to a police station it is very important to ensure that it is secured and made safe and any ammunition has been removed.

‘It should be transported in a safe manner.

‘Anyone who has any explosive devices such as grenades should not bring them to police stations under any circumstances, but contact police headquarters on 631212.’