A number of meal portion sizes at primary schools have been reduced as they were over recommended calorie values.

Education Minister Julie Edge said in the House of Keys this morning that a few meals were over the limit.

The Department of Education, Sport and Culture regularly reviews it's primary school meal options and a new menu will be considered for September.

A number of MHKs were concerned children may not be eating enough, especially as parents struggle to 'heat and eat' due to the soaring costs of living.

Joney Faragher asked if the department had accounted for different ages or if schools had made the reduction across the board.

Ms Edge said the decision was made by her department but it was informed by Public Health and dieticians.

'We look at our menus and they advise accordingly,' she said.

he minister asked that if anyone is aware of any child going hungry, they should let her department know and it will 'check on that child’s situation'.