A disruptive airline passenger sparked a security alert at Ronaldsway after drunkenly claiming he had a bomb in his bag.

Jack Heffernan, 28, has been fined following the incident which caused long delays to an easyJet flight that was due to fly to Belfast.

Once on board he was asked to place his luggage in the overhead locker after he had placed it on the empty seat next to him.

He refused to do so and became abusive to staff.

The court heard he was intoxicated and then made a comment about there maybe being a bomb in his bag.

This sparked a security alert. Police were called and the passenger was arrested.

The incident took place between 5.45pm and just after 6pm on Friday, July 28.

Heffernan, of Glentaisie Drive, Ballycastle, Northern Ireland, appeared before magistrates the following Monday charged with provoking behaviour, being drunk and disorderly and being drunk on an aircraft.

He was fined a total of £850.