After years of being the queen of the UK’s electro-swing scene, a Peel-born solo artist has released her debut album.

Alanna Lyes unveiled ’Lies Here’, a 12-track album of original songs that has been described as ’simply breathtaking and unique’.

Combining delicate and soft piano, trip-hop and modern jazz beats and live brass, all lying underneath Alanna’s soft, whispered vocals, the album is full of deep, lush and rich songs and marks a move away from the high-energy, infectious sound of Electro-Swing, which she has made her name singing and performing.

’Writing ’Lies Here’ was really therapeutic for me,’ said Alanna.

’It’s clearly very personal but was really inspired by a desire to invent a new persona and re-write a lot of events all the way from childhood and adolescence to adulthood.

’I guess it’s kind of like a half-fictional diary, a version that I felt happier with because for the most part the lead is very empowered and self-assured.

’It’s definitely a step away from the Electro-Swing tracks I have previously worked on, moving towards something much darker.

’I was listening to a mix of trip-hop, hip-hop, dark Rand B, nu jazz and neo-soul at the time and I felt very connected to it all but always wanted to keep an air of jazz and swing.

’I’ve always loved to dance and my favourite songs are ones that make me want to express myself with movement, so that was important to me.

’I’ve worked with a couple of incredible producers, Atom Smith and Riff Kitten, who have brought a lot of creativity but the difference for this project was that all the tracks started from scratch at the piano.

’It’s a big cocktail of a lot of styles I love and luckily they’ve blended together to make something quite unique.

Alanna, who’s real surname is Cowley, moved away from the island in 2015 to pursue her career in music and soon found her niche fronting electro-swing bands and appearing at festival with the group Grinny Grandad.

’It was actually my Dad (local musician and promoter Dave McLean) that originally got me into electro-swing and from there I managed to build a reputation as the go-to featured artist on the scene,’ she said.

’ I was a little nervous to release this album, cause it was very different to what people would be expecting but having bloggers call it ’innovative’ and ’completely breath taking’ was pretty wonderful.

Having received radio airplay and plenty of positive reviews, Alanna now hopes to tour on the back of the album in the near future.

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