A service to commemorate the loss of nearly 30 Manxmen in one tragic day in 1940 took place in Port St Mary on Saturday afternoon.

The Mona’s Queen anchor memorial on Kallow Point, officially opened in 2012, commemorates the crews lost aboard Steam Packet ships Mona’s Queen, Fenella and King Orry on May 29, 1940, during the evacuation of Dunkirk. A total of 45 people were killed across the three ships, at least 28 of whom were Manx.

Last year’s event was cancelled due to lockdown restrictions, though a small vigil took place at 5.30am, 80 years to the minute since Mona’s Queen was sunk. But the service returned with full ceremony on Saturday afternoon with contributions from Ellan Vannin Pipes, Rushen Silver Band, singer Paul Costain and others.

Retired Steam Packet captain Roger Moore delivered the address while Manx Bard Zoe Cannell presented an original poem.

Miss Cannell is the granddaughter of Robert Clucas, chief officer of Mona’s Queen, who survived the sinking.

Dr Michelle Haywood, chair of Port St Mary Commissioners, told the Independent: ’As time marches on there is a danger that we forget key events.

’However, every year at Kallow Point, everyone comes together to commemorate the awful losses at Dunkirk during Operation Dynamo.

’The memorial site is a very special place for reflection and the contributions from Rushen Silver Band, Ellan Vannin Pipes and the Mariners Choir created a special atmosphere for the service.’