Arbory and Rushen Commissioners is ‘reluctantly’ putting its rates up by 7.4 percent.

It’s going up to 174 pence in the pound and the local authority says that just under half of its expenses will be split equally between the Southern Civic Amenity Site and waste disposal.

The rest will be spent on highway services, refuse collection, and salaries, which make up just under a third of the commissioners’ expenses.

A request from the Southern Swimming Pool Board for a 6.1p rate contribution has also been agreed to by the commissioners.

A breakdown for the 12p increase has been provided as follows: 3p for Southern Civic Amenity Site increase, 2.5p for waste disposal, 2.5p for highways services, refuse collection, grass cutting and maintenance, 2.5p for Ballakilley Park loan and 1.5p for other inflationary increases.

Chair of Arbory and Rushen Commissioners, Stan Pilling, said: 'We have done everything we can to keep our costs down, however, a substantial part of this year’s increase is driven by statutory or contractual commitments.

'Despite this year’s increase Arbory and Rushen’s rate remains the lowest in the south of the island, while continuing to provide good quality services to the second largest local authority district in the south.'