Beach Buddies hosts another event nowhere near a beach this weekend when the litter-busting charity hosts a clean-up event at Archallagan plantation on Sunday, June 16 from 10.30am.

The meeting point is the main car park close to the Archallagan Road. The group’s big red trucks will be there to act as a marker.

A spokesperson for the group said: ‘Once again, we are highlighting the fact that 90% of rubbish which ends up on our beaches starts inland and gets into the oceans as it gets blown or washed into a stream, drain or river and ends up eventually on the beach.

‘We are also fully aware that we are right in the middle of bird nesting season so an event away from the coastline at this time of the year makes sense too.

‘Therefore, it’s also a good time to go inland and reduce any possible disturbance to the birds.

‘Any rubbish we collect at Archallagan this weekend is being gathered before it gets a chance to choke our oceans and harm wildlife and the environment.

‘Archallagan is a big and busy plantation, so there is plenty of area to cover.

‘It’s a beautiful place and we are delighted to help it stay that way and hopefully set an example to visitors to keep it that way.’

The weekend’s tidy is the group’s very first volunteer team event at the location since being founded in 2006.

The spokesperson continued: ‘We’re planning lots more new events like this during the coming months.’

Beach Buddies is sponsored by FIM Capital, but rely entirely on donations to keep going. Visit to make a donation or find out more about the charity.