As we approach Mental Health Awareness Week, we ask the public where their favourite place to walk in the island is.

Health experts often attribute an active lifestyle to feeling both happier and healthier.

So we decided to ask the public on their top places to go walking in the island and whether they feel any benefits from it.

Caroline Helps from Port St Mary loves to walk around the Chasms.

She said: ‘I like walking alone because of the space it gives me, I did the Harbour2Harbour walk this weekend, which was enjoyable but it was with lots of people, and I prefer walking alone.

‘I think walking is really important for your mental health, I think any form of exercise is whether it is walking, dancing, going to the gym or gardening.

‘Before I came to the island, I didn’t walk, but we lived in Bedfordshire which was quite flat.

‘Since moving to the Isle of Man, I have really got into it as every walk is so beautiful.’

Gerard Trehy from Douglas said that his favourite place is Marine Drive, although he has not been for a while.

He said: ‘I like it because there are plenty of benches to sit on every so often and plenty of wild birds.

‘There are falcons, ravens, stonechats as well.

‘Every now and again you can go and sit on a nice bench discovering nice flowers, and there’s a picnic area, I always like somewhere to sit down.

‘I love walking I have always loved it, I used to walk a lot.

‘I like it because you are in the fresh air, the countryside, you can hear the birds like skylarks, which I don’t often hear now.

‘ When I lived in Scarlett I used to do the whole trip right down to the other end, towards Port St Mary and back again occasionally I would have to herd some cows away, it is great.’

Damon Waddington from Douglas, likes walking around the Chasms and the Sound and from Maughauld to Ramsey.

He said: ‘I do go walking a lot but I am more of a runner.

‘I go running on the prom quite a bit, and I like running at Abbeylands.

‘I find it is a good way of keeping fit after work. Running gets rid of the stresses of the day, a good half an hour run sorts you out. I try and do that four or five times a week.

‘My wife notices when I haven’t been running, I will get grumpy and she will tell me to go out for a run.’

Sharron Gautrey from Tromode says that her dog Jasper, likes walking anywhere that has got a beach.

She said: ‘Jasper likes anywhere that he can go out and have a splash on the beach but he likes the oakwood as well because he can go out and it is safe rather than swimming out to sea.

Walking is not really for me but Jasper loves it, I have got three rescue dogs.

She added: ‘Having a dog does make a difference. I had a lot of time off work because I had a bit of a tough time and while I was off, my previous dog helped me a great deal, it does make all of the difference to get out and especially seeing their happy faces and waggy tails

‘Definitely getting out with the dogs, and fresh air and seeing them happy makes you happy.

Sharon’s friend Nicola Kinrade added: ‘Jasper helps with my son who is autistic and has ADHD. Jasper really helps him come out of himself.’

Mental Health Awareness Week will take place next week, find out more on Isle Listen’s website.