Cloud technology company Synapse360 sponsored a stage production at the Gaiety Theatre.

The Tromode company which also has a base in Manchester, backed Kinky Boots but didn’t disclose how much it paid.

The production, which received a rave review in last week’s Manx Independent.

The show was described as ‘a captivating story which highlights friends and family bonds in traditional factory towns and underscores significant LGBTQIA+ themes’.

Matt James, co-founder of Taylorian Productions, said: ‘Over the last few months our cast and crew have rehearsed tirelessly to make this a production to remember and we are sure island audiences are in for an absolute treat.

‘Of course, without the commitment of companies like Synapse360, productions like this simply wouldn’t go ahead so I would like to sincerely thank them for their invaluable support and in helping the island’s musical theatre scene thrive.’ Steve Douglas, managing director of Synapse 360, added: ‘Taylorian Productions is a superb example of a community-run organisation.’

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