The owner of Conrod’s Coffee Shop blames ‘rocketing’ costs for the closure of his business in Ramsey.

Conor Cummins says there are ‘many factors’ that have contributed to the decision to shut the business on Parliament Street.

However, ‘with many uncertainties surrounding the hospitality industry’ and the rising operating costs, the decision was made to close its doors.

Mr Cummins said: ‘It’s a mixture of the pandemic and the cost of living.

‘I don’t think that hospitality has quite recovered and I don’t think it will recover for quite some time yet.

‘That coupled with the general operating costs of running a business, particularly in hospitality, is making it very difficult to keep trading.

‘It was an educated decision, we know our facts and we’ve based our decision on those really as opposed to having a knee-jerk reaction on the spot, it’s been a decision made after a period of time.

‘We’ve monitored it very closely but the industry is suffering and as a business we are in that bracket.

‘We’ve found ourselves in a position where we need to close.’

The motorcycle racer explained that customers have been forced to change their spending habits as a result of the soaring cost of living.

‘The cost of living has had a knock on effect for people’s pockets,’ he said.

‘Everything in hospitality for your customers is a luxury item and the first thing that you do when things get tight is cut back on luxuries.

‘We have made our decision based on pure facts and the facts are that the industry isn’t doing great and internally we’ve suffered as a result.

‘We’ve been busy but with the cost of everything rocketing on all fronts it’s made it very difficult to keep going.

‘We’ve found ourselves in a position where we’ve had to make a big decision and unfortunately it needed to be done.

‘It’s highly regrettable that we’ve had to close.’

Mr Cummins added: ‘All of our team have become good friends over the years, we’ve put a lot of effort into it all, and it’s a real sad situation.

‘However, we needed to do it and we are where we are.’

When asked how his other businesses were doing amid the difficulties in the industry, Mr Cummins said they were doing well.

He said: Coffee Mann is obviously a separate business but is doing really well. I’m keen to add that there’s no concern on that front.

‘We’re seeing a lot from a suppliers’ side of things as well from all angles. Hospitality is struggling but we’re only seeing that with Conrod’s.’

He couldn’t comment specifically on Conrod’s Pizzeria at Mooragh Park.

‘A huge thanks to all of our staff over the years,’ he said. ‘It’s been a real solid five years, we’ve grown a nice brand and there’s been a lot of good memories that have come from it.

‘And a huge thank you to all of our customers who have supported us over the years. Without them, we wouldn’t have had a business.’

Conrod’s Coffee Shop on Parliament Street will be shutting on January 20.