A gym based at the Isle of Man Business Park has made the shock announcement that it will shut.

Cycle 360’s Fitness 360 will close for good on August 31.

In a message sent to members, the club says it was hit hard by the pandemic.

‘Today, we deliver this news with much regret and sadness, that we will be permanently closing the Cycle 360 fitness club from September 1, 2022, meaning the last day of Fitness 360 will be August 31, 2022.

‘We’ve ultimately come to this decision due to the impact on revenue we’ve seen this past year.

‘Cycle 360 is a healthy business with many ambitions to grow, so it’s time for us to streamline our service offering, to regain focus and realign our resources.

‘We know we now need to focus all our efforts, time and revenue into our cafe and bikeshop and continuing to grow the Cycle 360 brand, as this will allow us to become as agile and responsive as possible.’

It means the bike shop and the cafe will stay open.

Competition among gyms has got more fierce as more have opened.

A new facility is being planned for Victoria House on Prospect Hill in Douglas.