An online calculator which helps small businesses to work out their carbon footprint is now available from Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce.

It’s the result of work by Chamber’s Business Sustainability Forum, but is available to businesses whether or not they are Chamber members. The calculator is on YouTube. On the clip, forum lead Ralph Peake, and forum member Simon Sheath explain how it works.

Chamber chief executive Rebecca George said: ‘The calculator is a great idea that’s designed to help small businesses gain a basic understanding of their carbon emissions, and establish a baseline from which they can then work out how to make and measure reductions. It has been through an initial testing phase, and we have now opened it up for testing to the wider community for further input and feedback.

‘We’re encouraging businesses to use the calculator, and to provide feedback on their experience because that will help the Sustainability Forum team to make further improvements.

‘On behalf of Chamber I must say a big thank you to Ralph and Simon, and their fellow Sustainability Forum members Nancy Shefford, Emma Sayle, and Adam Creamore, for all of their hard work on this project.’