Two young professionals are celebrating after becoming part of their industry’s independent chartered professional body thanks to their recent exam success.

PwC Isle of Man’s actuarial consultants Francesca Moretta and Kevin Kelly have completed their final tests, enabling them to officially become Fellows of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA).

The newly qualified actuaries joined the firm in 2017 as graduates on its professional training programme, which combines formal training through professional qualifications, coaching and practical on-the-job experience.

Johann Marais, Actuarial Leader and Partner at PwC Isle of Man said: ‘This is a significant academic and professional achievement, and I would like to congratulate and commend both Francesca and Kevin for their hard work.

‘Our growth ambition has seen our in-house Actuarial Services team go from strength to strength to the sixteen strong team we see today, and these achievements further bolster our capabilities to achieve sustained outcomes and build trust with our island-based and international clients.’

According to the Society of Actuaries, Actuaries are highly sought-after professionals who develop and communicate solutions for complex financial issues.

They measure and manage risk and must have a deep understanding of mathematics, statistics and business management to help businesses grow and provide value to their customers by helping leaders make strategic decisions and consumers prepare for their future.

The society says that actuaries work for and with businesses across a variety of fields, including insurance-life, health, property-casualty, even pet insurance banking, investments, government, energy, e-commerce, marketing, employee benefits, product development, enterprise risk management, predictive analytics, consulting and more.

PwC says that as the largest actuarial consultancy on the island, the Actuarial Services teamwork with clients in traditional actuarial areas such as the valuation of assets and liabilities of pension schemes, funds and insurance companies, assessing the capital adequacy and efficiency of companies and helping businesses understand and manage their risks.

‘The team is also providing services outside of the traditional actuarial areas such as estimating the loss of earnings in personal injury, medical malpractice or employment tribunal cases, helping companies make better use of their data to support and expedite business decisions, supporting businesses to understand and measure the potential impact of climate risks, amongst other services.

Janet Donnelly, Chief People Officer at PwC Isle of Man said: ‘Our people are an essential asset to the business and as a diverse community of solvers we are as committed to the careers of our people as they are.

‘Developing an agile and adaptable workforce with a global mindset ensures we meet with confidence the current and future needs of our clients across all markets.’

‘Embarking on a professional qualification alongside work is never easy and a career as an actuary is a challenging but rewarding option.

At PwC Isle of Man, we fully support individuals with the drive and motivation to succeed and it is hugely satisfying to see Francesca and Kevin progress through the firm.’

PwC Isle of Man is a professional services firm of over 120 people.

Globally, the company is a network of firms in 151 countries with over 360,000 employees.

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