Ramsey Bakery will be shutting at the end of week as planned

Thursday 28th April 2022 3:37 pm

Ramsey Bakery will close on Friday

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Ramsey Bakery is still planned to shut this weekend.

Despite a meeting being held on April 6 between the bakery’s directors and the government, no alternative has been implemented.

The bakery released a statement following the meeting explaining that it had been ‘constructive’ and it had offered to ‘assist in any way possible to enable a manageable transition’ to help its customers and support other island companies during this ‘challenging time’.

It cited the business becoming ‘unsustainable’ as the main reason for closure. The business blamed the dramatically changing marketplace and the challenges that come with sourcing adequate and affordable resources.

The chief minister previously stated in a House of Keys sitting that his thoughts were with the ‘80 or so people’ who work at the bakery and that the government would work with all those affected to help them reskill and retrain if the bakery did shut. Alfred Cannan said that in the same sitting that the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) is reviewing its food security strategy in response as there are ‘significant impacts across the supply chain’ and it needs to understand what the future of bread supplies looks like.

There will be updated advice soon, according to Mr Cannan.

He added that ‘no indication’ had been given to the government about the impending closure of the privately-owned business.

The bakery said following the meeting: ‘The last plant bakeries in Jersey and Guernsey closed in 2013 and we are proud that we have managed to maintain a supply of locally produced quality bread and rolls, sandwiches, savouries and confectionery for as long as we have.’;

Its associated Mr B’s sandwich and cake shops will be open up until and including Friday.


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