Members and staff of Quay Fitness Gym in Ramsey have raised more than £4,000 for Rebecca House Isle of Man, the children’s hospice.

Thirty-six participants between the ages of 15 and 63 have undertaken various challenges to get fit for a photoshoot that took place this weekend (July 29 and 30).

Each time challenges took place, the participants paid a fee to complete them, with the money going directly to Rebecca House.

In addition, each participant paid £40 for the professional photograph, taken by Steve Babb, with all of this money going straight to Rebecca House.

The challenges undertaken by the participants were a plank challenge, wall sit challenge , seven-a-side football competition, 24-hour team rowing on a row machine and a stair master challenge.

In addition two members took part in the Parish Walk, and raised funds for the total pot.

A group called morning momentum who run and sea swim in Ramsey each morning at 6am also took part in the photoshoot, which further added to the total money raised.

Stephen Bush, a member of the gym said: ‘We did a similar thing last year, but we raised money for Parkinson’s instead.’

Speaking on his experience of the challenges this year, Stephen said: ‘Seeing the money go up is probably the most rewarding part of all.

‘Last year we raised only £1,300, so this year once we got up to the £1,500 mark and we were so early in the year, it made us want to do more challenges.’

He added: ‘I would say the 36 people that did the photos this weekend, most of them didn’t know each other, but with the challenges that we’re doing throughout the year, pretty much everyone knows each other now.

‘Being in this group chat as well chatting about the challenges, we’ve all got to know each other quite well.

‘You can go into a gym with your head down and not speak to anyone, but there is a lot more people talking now at the gym, so it feels like there is more of a community at Quay Fitness.

‘Now it is more like a pub.’

Asked what the most difficult part of the challenge was, Stephen said: ‘We did this 24-hour row, which was completely gruelling, but we managed to complete it.’

There were 13 participants who took part in the row.

Stephen added: ‘The most difficult part was the night-time row. We were struggling with that, so it was myself and three of the girls that covered the night time one, which was from about 11pm to 5.30am.’

Despite this members enjoyed the experience.

Stephen said: ‘The members were a amazing and are yet to see the photos as they are getting developed in the next two weeks.

‘But everyone loved the experience and people have said they want to do the same next year.’

If you want to donate, you can visit the go fund me page, which is called Quay fitness challenges 2023 for Rebecca house.