A Glen Vine woman has run 50 miles for a charity which provides support for victims of abuse across the island.

Charlene Grayson has raised £900 for Victim Support Isle of Man, which saw a sharp surge in referrals and contacts over lockdown last year, as well as an increasing number so far this year.

In the three-month period from June to September 2020, referrals were up 85% and contacts increased by 91% compared with previous three months.

Domestic abuse cases were up 72% compared with the same period in 2019.

Charlene said she completed her last run on Saturday.

’I decided to set the challenge in December and wanted to do it for a local charity,’ she said.

’Victim Support is a great charity and quite a few people I know have gone to them for help.’

She said she’s not done anything like running 50 miles before.

’I ran the London Marathon a few years ago, but I’ve never done this amount of running in one month,’ she said.

’I’d run in the Glen Vine area where I live, and at the weekends I’d run through Union Mills and along the railway line.

’The work of Victim Support includes assisting with criminal injury claims plus providing emotional support for victims of various offences including physical or sexual assaults, thefts, burglaries and criminal damage.

’They also support the families of people involved in fatal road collisions.

’This charity provides support for people of domestic abuse which can take many different forms. It can be verbal, physical, sexual, financial, emotional or social abuse.’

Victim Support’s witness support volunteers provide moral support to people who are required to give evidence in court hearings.

Charlene said that many people are referred by the police, but can also approach them directly.

She said: ’Some people receive emotional support for traumatic experiences many years after the event.’

Charlene said that she found the runs to be a challenge, but persevered.

’The last week was definitely pretty hard on my legs, but by the end of the month I had seen that more people were donating to my fundraising page and that pushed me on to get it completed,’ she said.

’I’ll do something else in future I’m sure, but will need a rest first.’

Charlene’s fundraising page can be found at: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/charlene-grayson1