Alfred Cannan has talked about the current controversy around sex education in the Isle of Man.

The Chief Minister was speaking after a flurry of speculation and accusations about what was taught to 11- and 12-year-olds at Queen Elizabeth II High School, Peel.

The story has been picked up by the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph and on GB News last night.

Sex education in the Isle of Man is currently suspended while a review of what was taught takes place.

Mr Cannan revealed this morning that a lawyer and a former policeman were to lead an investigation into what was taught.

He said that he expected a result from that investigation in two to three weeks.

'The allegations are deeply concerning, although there are conflicting reports,' he said on Manx Radio

He asked people not to speculate about what they'd heard.

'We need to get to the facts,' he said.

His main concern was the safety and security of children.

The reports suggest that children were given graphic information about sexual practices and that one child was excluded from a class after questioning information about genders.