A magical genie, supported by a cast of dancing dragons, over-sized ducks, plucky heroes and familiar-looking henchmen, took to the stage in Ramsey for a much-delayed seasonal pantomime.

Eight months after it was first supposed to open, Cloideryn finally got to present their pantomime version of Aladdin to an eager audience.

Featuring several fine, upstanding members of the Ramsey community, the show was a typically colourful, fun and bad-gag-filled performance that involved amateur actors young and old, giving many a chance to stand on the stage and sing their hearts out.

Rosie Dow played the eponymous hero who falls foul of the dastardly Abanazar, played by Rhys Yardsley.

After finding him/herself in possession of a magic lamp, Aladdin comes face-to-face with the magical genie, who offers up three wishes.

Obviously, things go pear-shaped, and Aladdin has to rely on a cast of unlikely allies, including the panto dame, Widow Twanky to help win the hand of the Princess Meera, played by Sienna Miller.

Special mention must be made to the two fearsome henchmen, played by the town’s MHKs Dr Alex Allinson and Lawrie Hooper, who both showed a game spirit and a great sense of humour to go through with their participation, despite the unfortunate timings for the show, coinciding with the forthcoming election.

After such a long time to get the panto on stage, with the play being postponed three times due to the Covid situation, the cast clearly enjoyed themselves and made for a thoroughly enjoyable night of family-friendly fun and laughter.

’Aladdin’ is on again at St Paul’s Hall tomorrow (Friday) from 7.30pm, and twice on Saturday at 2pm and 7.30pm.

Tickets are £6.50, with £5 concessions, available by contacting director Carol Frazer on 322440.