The Manx Legion Club has defended tonight's event with Katie Hopkins after criticism from two Douglas councillors. 

The former Apprentice contestant is performing her stand-up comedy show in the Douglas branch this evening, with the show a sell-out.

The ex-serviceman's organisation has received backlash on social media for hosting the event from two local politicians and some pressure groups.

The building the Manx Legion Club occupies, on Market Hill in Douglas, is owned by Douglas Council.

In a statement, the Manx Legion Club has said it is not their event, instead it's a ‘private non-profit making function'.

It added that the event, taking place at 8pm tonight, is 'not an evening of hate speeches, but instead a tour of her Love, Laugh, Live Show where she tells stories and anecdotes from throughout her TV and media career'.

Hopkins first shot to fame when appearing in BBC show The Apprentice back in 2007.

In more recent years she's become well known for her controversial and outspoken views on several political issues, including migration and ethnic and religious minority groups.

A Manx Legion spokesperson continued: 'We are saddened to read some of the comments on social media as we, as an ex-serviceman’s organisation, do not exclude anyone, and as said above we are non-judgemental.

'Ms Hopkins herself completed military training at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, however for medical reasons never took up commission'.

However Douglas Councillor Devon Watson said that it's unfortunate that the event's taking place in the Manx Legion Club, and highlighted some of her previous comments as to why he's against the show.

He said: 'I have a firm commitment to free speech, but this being said it is unfortunate that Katie Hopkins, who has called for “a final solution” is being hosted in a venue that partly exists to honour those who fought fascism in the Second World War. 

'She has called for “euthanasia vans” because “the UK has too many old people” and compared migrants to cockroaches.

'Pensioners and immigrants are extremely valuable to our city and it’s an insult to spread hatred against them in our community.'

Fellow Councillor Andrew Bentley has said while he doesn't believe it's the Council's issue to get involved in, he does have some questions for the club regarding the event.

He said: 'I don’t think the Council can get involved in the appearance of Katie Hopkins at the Legion Hall.

'It would be interesting to know how hosting Katie Hopkins, and surely knowing her well documented comments on immigrants, the disabled, the neurodiverse, the elderly and the poor is reconciled with the commitments made in the Royal British Legion’s own diversity and inclusion statement.

He added: 'The legion has consistently proven itself to be a valuable and positive resource for our community and it’s bizarre that this one has slipped through the net.'

The Manx Legion responded by saying it has not been contacted by Douglas Borough Council, and they'd have been surprised at their intervention.

They said tonight's event is one of many that raises much needed funds for veterans and will also raise the profile of the charities.

The spokesperson added: 'We have also always offered our facilities to them on a complimentary basis to host public meetings and gatherings for political hustings, and more recently the popular refuge collection and dustbin debacle which created outrage in our community. 'We are disappointed that Cllr Watson and Cllr Bentley would think any different.'

Environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion Isle of Man took to Facebook suggesting people protest outside Manx Legion before the event.