Colby British Legion held a fair full of activities at Colby Football Club to celebrate its centenary year.

People from across the island headed south on Sunday to support the event, which had a range of stalls, children’s competitions and a raffle.

All the money raised throughout the day went to the Colby Branch RBL Funds.

Despite a range of games for children to enjoy, they were mostly fascinated by one in particular. Big boxes were filled with jelly, with stones at the bottom, some with sad faces on and some with happy faces. Children delved into the boxes attempting to pull out a stone with a smile.

Jan Rae, chairman of Colby British Legion, said the event was a success and the art work the children had produced was ‘really brilliant’.

She said: ‘During the day there was a steady flow of people, it was fantastic.

‘This year is Colby branch’s 100th birthday, and as we are affiliated with Arbory school we sent the children loads of “100”s printed out on A4 pages, and they were asked to colour them in and decorate them.

‘Our local MHKs, Jason Moorhouse and Tim Glover, chose the winners, which were on display at the fair.

‘We displayed them all on the patio doors and it was lovely to see how children had thought about how to decorate them.’