A group of nine Lezayre parishioners attended Ramsey Commissioners’ monthly meeting to hear discussion on two current issues: Ramsey’s proposed boundary extension, which would see incursions into both Lezayre and Garff, and Dandara’s proposal to build 181 houses to the west of Ramsey.

The first matter was dealt with speedily - with agreement that the town clerk’s detailed report setting out justifications for the commissioners’ pursuance of a boundary extension be made public. It was further agreed that the commissioners should offer face-to-face meetings with both Lezayre and Garff members, on two separate occasions.

The second issue provoked a lengthier discussion.

The land on which Dandara wishes to build a new estate is technically in Lezayre, with Ramsey having ’interested party status’.

The lead member for works and development, Ffinlo Williams, said a meeting had taken place with the developers to discuss what many saw as the main problem - access for vehicles during the TT period.


With no alternative being offered, access would be via Gardeners Lane onto Lezayre Road.

’My concerns are that Dandara haven’t stuck to their previous obligations,’ he said. ’They said they would build an access road and they haven’t.’

As members expressed their individual views, concerns were voiced about vehicle access and also about the pressure an estate of this size would put on parking, sewerage, schools and medical facilities.

Wilf Young said he was ’dead against it’, for the simple reason that the town could not handle it.

’Make no mistake, Dandara will cover the whole Isle of Man in concrete if they can,’ he added.

Luke Parker turned the argument on its head by suggesting that a development of this size could attract new businesses and work opportunities to the town.

On the same tack, Juan McGuinness said that if Ramsey said ’no’, then Dandara would look elsewhere.

The general consensus, however, was that any perceived benefits would be outweighed by the problems it would create and it was agreed to object to the application.