Costco have launched a huge membership drive on the Isle of Man.

Staff from the wholesale supermarket brand are currently on the island trying to tempt customers to join up.

The marketing push has been launched ahead of the opening of the new Liverpool ferry terminal which is located a two minutes’ drive, or an 11 minute walk, away from the city’s Costco supermarket on Waterloo road.

Representatives from the firm are taking part in a two-day sales drive on the island.

Today, Costco staff are staging an event at the Palace Hotel in Douglas.

Tomorrow (Thursday), they’ll head down south for a similar event at Castletown Town Hall, which takes place between 11am until 3pm.

Karen Maher, marketing manager at Costco, believes the island is an ‘untapped market’ for potential members.

She said: ‘We want as many members as we can possibly get.

‘The benefits are endless, we have an executive membership plan where members can get 2% cashback on their purchases in store.

‘So you get a reward at the end of the year, whether that’s cash or you can use it for your shopping.

‘We’ve also got a fuel shop so when you get off the boat you can fill up.

‘We also do Costco travel now so you can book a cruise through us or even hire a car.

‘The list is endless and the benefits are endless.

‘We look after our members and guarantee every product we sell.

‘We’d love people from the Isle of Man to become members’.

Costco, one of the world's biggest retailers, owns 29 warehouse retail stores across the UK which sell a variety of food and drink items in bulk as well as home goods such as TVs.

However, the supermarkets are only open to customers who sign-up to the brand’s special membership scheme with a range of different membership options available.

Berthing trials at the new £70m ferry terminal in Liverpool started in February and the new facility is expected to open in the coming weeks.

Steam Packet bosses had hoped that the facility would be ready to welcome its first passengers by the end of March but preparation work at the facility is still ongoing.