Douglas’s council leader has said antisocial behaviour is something ‘we all need to take responsibility for’.

Claire Wells has responded to reports of antisocial behaviour in south Douglas housing estates belonging to the council.

She says while steps are being taken to resolve the problem, the public can do their bit as well.

Councillor Wells said: ‘The housing department are aware of some antisocial behaviour happening in our housing estates and we are working with police to help them, because really it is a police matter, there’s not an awful lot we can do about it.

‘As a society, I think we need to take responsibility as well, so it’s all very well us turning around and saying “it’s a police matter” but I think it’s a social matter.

‘I think we all need to take responsibility for our children and their behaviour.

‘Ultimately, we’ve got to be aware of the fact that it is a housing estate, people live there and you need to be respectful to everybody.’