A motorist has been fined £600 for having a trailer in a dangerous condition.

James Richard Gale admitted the offence and also had his licence endorsed with three penalty points.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that an incident took place on Douglas Road in Kirk Michael on July 3, with the trailer becoming detached from the 44-year-old’s vehicle and causing some damage.

No charges were brought in relation to that, but when the trailer was examined it was found to have four defective tyres.

Defence advocate Ian Kermode said that the trailer had become detached when a spring on a tow hitch coupling failed.

But the advocate reiterated that his client was not being prosecuted for that.

‘Police examined the trailer and four tyres were below the legal limit,’ said Mr Kermode.

‘Mr Gale didn’t know they were less than the legal limit as it was on the inside of tyres.

‘He would say they weren’t visible from the outside.

‘There was a tracking problem with the vehicle alignment which caused the tyres to be worn.’

Mr Kermode went on to say that the trailer had been serviced six months before the incident and had now been fitted with new tyres immediately afterwards.

Magistrates also ordered Gale, who lives at Ballacrye Road, Ballaugh, to pay £50 prosecution costs which he will pay, along with the fine, within one month.