A pet owner whose greyhound killed a cat has been handed a court order to keep her dog under control.

Anne-Marie Macken did not attend court but was represented by advocate Sara-Jayne Dodge, who accepted the complaint on her client’s behalf.

It is a civil matter rather than a criminal one.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that police were called to St Paul’s Mews in Ramsey on August 11.

A male ginger cat was reported to have been killed by a greyhound.

The male dog had grabbed the cat by his front leg and chest area and despite interventions, the cat died as a result.

Mr Swain said that the incident had been upsetting for all concerned.

Ms Macken, who is 55 and lives at Queen’s Promenade, Ramsey, said she had been advised to put a muzzle on the dog when out walking, as he had issues with cats, but on the day in question it was not on.

Advocate Ms Dodge said that her client had only let the dog out to go to the toilet.

She said she had then noticed some rubbish in her garden, which she had taken to a public bin, and the cat had been under the bin.

‘Ordinarily the dog would have the muzzle,’ said the advocate.

‘Ms Macken is incredibly distressed by the incident. She tried to call out for the owner of the cat.

‘She has had difficulties bonding with her dog since this and is incredibly sorry.’

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes made the order for the dog to be kept under proper control.