A 24-year-old man has been fined £1,160 for drink-driving, obstructing a drug search, and having no vehicle licence.

James Stephen Richard Rosengrove was also banned from driving for two years with an order to take an extended test at the end of his ban.

We previously reported that, on March 11, at 1.24am, self-employed gardener Rosengrove had been involved in an argument at the Star Grill in Parliament Street in Ramsey.

He was said to have visible injuries and admitted to police that he had taken cocaine.

When officers spoke to him, he was said to have initially resisted and tried to run away but was caught quickly.

Rosengrove was then said to have put a small bag in his mouth and refused to release it.

He eventually spat it out and admitted to police that it had contained cocaine, but it was now empty.

He was subsequently charged with obstructing a drug search.

During a police interview, Rosengrove said he had drunk about six pints then switched to spirits.

He said that he was heavily intoxicated through drink and drugs and couldn’t remember buying the cocaine, but added that it would have been for personal use.

On March 24, police came across Rosengrove sitting in a Toyota Hilux at Kella Road in Sulby.

The vehicle’s lights were turned off and as police approached he started to drive off.

He was told to stop and did so, and officers described him as appearing distressed, slurring his words, and having glazed eyes.

Rosengrove told them: ‘I’ve had a drink haven’t I? I’m p*ssed.’

The Hilux’s vehicle tax had expired in September 2022.

Despite his comment, Rosengrove, who lives at Ballacrosha, then refused to take a breathalyser test and was subsequently arrested.

However, once at police headquarters, he co-operated and took the test, producing a reading of 54. The legal limit is 35.

The court heard that Rosengrove has no previous convictions.

Defence advocate Casey Houareau said that Rosengrove, who lives at Ballacrosha in Ballaugh, had gone through a relationship breakdown at the time of the offences and had not been feeling himself.

He said that he would be willing to do community service if that was the sentence and wanted to apologise to the court.

Magistrates fined him £600 for drink-driving, £400 for obstructing a drug search, and £160 for having no vehicle licence.

He must also pay £125 prosecution costs.