A 34-year-old man has been fined £350 for being drunk and disorderly outside a nightspot.

Marc O’Meara made comments to police which High Bailiff Jayne Hughes said bordered on homophobic.

He admitted the offence and was also ordered to pay £125 prosecution costs.

Prosecuting advocate Hazel Carroon told the court that police were on patrol in Regent Street on February 11, at 2am.

O’Meara was said to be outside 1886 bar being a nuisance to members of the public who clearly did not want to become involved with him.

He was said to be shouting incoherently and then approached officers, making nonsensical remarks.

He was advised to leave the area but told police: ‘You’re aggressive you, aren’t you?’

Police again told him to leave but O’Meara was said to have continued his behaviour, then started intensely and aggressively staring at a female officer.

He then began pointing at officers and said of one: ‘He likes to dress up in women’s clothes.’

O’Meara then pointed at another and said: ‘And you’re the one who sucks the willy.’

He was eventually arrested.

Defence advocate Stephen Wood said: ‘My client has clearly been drunk in a public place and said several things.

‘Up to a point police didn’t feel the need to arrest him.

‘But he was too drunk to take advice on board and would wish to apologise.’

The advocate said that O’Meara said he had been on increased medication at the time of the offence and thought that it may have reacted poorly with alcohol, though he admitted he perhaps should not have been consuming alcohol.

‘There were unpleasant remarks but no threats of violence,’ said Mr Wood.

High Bailiff Mrs Hughes said that the remarks to the police officers had been bordering on homophobic.

O’Meara, who lives in Tynwald Street, Douglas, will pay the fine and costs at a rate of £10 per week, deducted from benefits.