A festive fracas outside Sam Webb’s bar has landed six people in court.

Four members of the same family were involved in the Boxing Day bedlam as they argued with police outside the Castle Street pub in Douglas.

Jason Farley Kelch, aged 52, of Peel Road, Douglas, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour on licensed premises and was fined £900.

He was also given a 12-month licensing ban.

His daughter, Molly Paige Kelch, aged 19, of Willaston Crescent, Douglas, was fined £600 after she pleaded guilty to obstructing police.

Kathryn Ann Murphy, aged 43, of Willaston Crescent, Douglas, the mother of Molly Kelch, was fined £600 after admitting obstructing police.

Jason Ryan Neville Kelch, aged 24, of Snaefell Road, Douglas, is yet to enter pleas to being drunk and disorderly and possessing cocaine.

His case was adjourned until February 2 after he asked for time to view CCTV footage.

Bradley Robert Faragher, aged 26, of Thornhill Close, Port Erin, was fined £400 after pleading guilty to being drunk and disorderly.

Martin Friel, aged 43, of Mona Drive, Douglas, pleaded not guilty to obstructing police.

A pre-trial review will be held for him in summary court on March 9.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that police were on patrol in Castle Street on December 26 at 10.30pm.

Door staff at Sam Webb’s said that they had asked Jason Farley Kelch to leave the pub but an argument had ensued in the doorway.

Police then asked Kelch to leave the area but he was said to have become verbally abusive towards the officers.

He was given a number of opportunities to leave but after failing to do so, was subsequently arrested.

However, as he was being arrested other family members got involved.

His daughter Molly Kelch was said to have interfered and it was then alleged that his son Jason Ryan Neville Kelch tried to punch an officer.

Faragher, who did not know the family, then got involved and was said to have been aggressive and hostile towards police, swearing and saying ‘come on, let’s go then’ and taking his jacket off, despite being told to leave the area five times.

Faragher was arrested and had to be restrained using Pava spray.

Murphy then tried to pull police off Faragher and then fell on the ground as she was pushed away.

Mr Friel is then alleged to have become involved and tried to grab an officer and was also restrained using Pava spray.

Molly Kelch was then said to have kneed an officer in the thigh.

Advocate Ian Kermode represented Faragher and said that his client, who is serving in the British Army, didn’t know the others but had become involved after he said he saw Murphy thrown to the ground and was concerned.

Mr Kermode said that his client had no previous convictions.

Advocate Peter Taylor represented Murphy and Jason Farley Kelch.

He said that Murphy said she had been pushed to the floor and accepted that she had touched an officer but not that she had been dragging them away.

Of Jason Farley Kelch, Mr Taylor said that he denied that he had been a nuisance initially or was asked to leave the premises, but accepted that he had been ‘gobby’ and belligerent outside.

Stephen Wood represented Molly Kelch and said that she had reacted when she saw her mother being put to the floor.

Magistrates also ordered Jason Farley Kelch, Molly Kelch, Murphy, and Faragher to pay £125 prosecution costs.