A 48-year-old man has been found guilty of breaching his bail conditions.

Alexander Kennedy denied the offence but magistrates found that the bail conditions had been breached.

However, they took no action and agreed to re-bail Kennedy.

Prosecuting advocate Roger Kane told the court that Kennedy, who lives at Main Road, Colby, had been found guilty after a summary court trial of theft and fraud by false representation.

He is due to be sentenced for those offences on December 21, but was granted bail until then, with a condition to attend probation meetings and co-operate in the preparation of a probation report.

Mr Kane said that Kennedy had failed to attend appointments and his probation officer had informed the police which had resulted in him being arrested.

His probation officer gave evidence in court relating to his non-attendance.

Kennedy also gave evidence, claiming he had not received notification in writing and saying he had launched an appeal against the theft and fraud convictions.

However, he accepted that he had been told of an appointment, but said he did not recall having it in writing, and said it was not a deliberate breach of bail.

Magistrates ordered that a probation report be prepared on December 21, if a probation officer is available in the court on that day.