A 33-year-old man who sent menacing messages to his ex-partner has been sentenced to 80 hours community service.

Daniel Jonathan Fick told the woman ‘I’m going to kill you’ after hearing she was out on a date.

Sentencing had previously been adjourned to speak to the victim and consider a restraining order and prosecuting advocate Rachael Braidwood said it had been decided that the order was not required.

We previously reported that police were contacted by Fick’s ex-partner on October 17.

She said that he had been sending threatening messages on Whatsapp, an online messaging application.

The woman said that she had been in a relationship with Fick, who lives at Park Road, Douglas, for three and a half years but it had ended 10 months prior to the incident.

She said that he sometimes rang her 20 times a day and most of the time she did not answer, but she had to answer at times due to them having a child together.

The woman said that, on October 16, someone had told Fick that she was going on a date.

During the evening she said that she received a number of calls from Fick, during which he told her: ‘I’m going to kill you. Get down to my house and face me.’

He also insulted her using abusive words.

She said that he then told her: ‘I’ve got a lift coming to get me now. I’m gonna get you in the Hawthorn.’

He then contacted her again and said: ‘You’re lucky my lift said no, once they found out why I was going there.’

After being arrested, during a police interview, Fick answered ‘no comment’ to all questions.

In court he pleaded guilty to sending an offensive, indecent or menacing message.

A probation report said that Fick was a self-employed courier and landscaper.

He said that he had become upset about the date because he was not happy about the male his ex-partner had chosen to see, and the prospect of him having contact with their child.

He said this had ‘tipped him over the edge’.

Fick told probation he had drunk four cans of Budweiser lager prior to sending the messages and said: ‘I tried to do the right thing but I went about it the wrong way.’

Deemster Graeme Cook, sitting as Deputy High Bailiff, also ordered Fick to pay £50 prosecution costs, which he will pay at a rate of £40 per week.