A shoplifter from Ramsey who stole from a garden centre has been fined £500.

Rita Margaret Callister admitted taking gardening gloves, sweetcorn seeds, a wind chime, dog treats, a robin songbird ornament and gold-coloured sandals.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes also ordered the 66-year-old to pay £125 prosecution costs.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that Callister, who lives at Brookfield Crescent, went to Riley’s Garden Centre in Cooil Road in Douglas, on April 27.

She put all the items into her bag, but then paid for other items and left without paying for the ones in the bag.

The stolen goods added up to a value of £81.20.

Mr Swain said that all of the items had been recovered in saleable condition, apart from the sweetcorn seeds which had been opened.

The prosecutor submitted that the case was suitable for summary court sentencing.

In January 2019, Callister was jailed for 23 months after £26,000-worth of stolen goods were found at her Ramsey home.

When passing that sentence Deemster Alastair Montgomerie described her as a ‘modern-day Fagin’.

On Thursday, defence advocate Jane Gray said that the latest offences had been opportunistic, with no planning, and that Callister was taking prescription medication for a number of health issues.

Ms Gray said that her client had stayed out of trouble for four years and had said: ‘I really don’t know what came over me.’

Callister said that she wanted to apologise to the shop manager.

Ms Gray said that the goods were of low value and that her client had co-operated with the police, making admissions during the interview.

A probation report said that Callister is a carer for her ill son and had mental health issues herself.

She told probation that she had no explanation for the theft and recognised that she would benefit from support.

The report said that she had been given referral forms for mental health services.

High Bailiff Mrs Hughes told Callister that, while she had noted that the goods were of a small value, if everyone went to the shops and did the same, they would soon be out of business.

Callister agreed to pay £300 towards her fine and costs immediately and the rest at a rate of £20 per week.