A man from Liverpool has admitted being involved in drug trafficking and money laundering.

Michael Andrew Fitzsimmons was arrested at a house which was being rented as an AirBnB property at Erin Way in Port Erin.

Cash totalling £2,045 was found at the address on October 3, along with 89.1 grams of cannabis and 62 grams of ketamine.

Police valued the cannabis at £1,782 and the ketamine at £2,480.

In court, 38-year-old Fitzsimmons, who lives at Huskisson Street, pleaded guilty to possessing ketamine with intent to supply, possessing cannabis with intent to supply, and possessing criminal property.

His defence advocate Stephen Wood said that his client was only admitting possessing £1,845 in cash in relation to the money laundering charge.

Prosecuting advocate Chrissie Hunt submitted that the case was too serious to be sentenced in summary court and should go to the Court of General Gaol Delivery for sentencing.

Mr Wood agreed that the case should go to the higher court, but said that he may have argued that it was suitable for summary court, had it not been for Fitzsimmons’ previous convictions.

Magistrates declined summary court jurisdiction and Fitzsimmons will be sentenced at the Court of General Gaol Delivery on a date to be set.

No bail application was made and he is remanded in custody.