Motorist drove his sports car at 22mph more than the speed limit

Sunday 24th July 2022 7:54 am
Alexander William Foster (Alexander William Foster/Instagram )

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A 23-year-old motorist has been fined £200 for speeding at 52mph in a 30mph zone.

Alexander William Foster had been driving his Audi R8 sports car in a Supercar convoy with a police escort until Ramsey hairpin.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes also endorsed his licence with five penalty points.

Prosecuting advocate James Robinson told the court that police were at Ramsey hairpin on May 27 due to the opening of the one-way system.

They saw Foster’s Audi R8 heading towards Douglas, rounding the hairpin.

A laser speed check clocked him doing 52mph where there was a 30mph speed limit.

A 50mph limit would have come into force 131 metres further on from where Foster was driving.

He was subsequently stopped by police at the Bungalow.

Foster, who lives at Jack’s Lane in Maughold, opted to represent himself in court, declining the use of the duty advocate, and said that he had bought the car one week prior to the incident.

He said that police had closed the roads and he was part of a Supercar convoy with a police escort, but at Ramsey hairpin the escort had branched off.

Foster said that his attention had been on the cars in front and behind rather than his speed.

High Bailiff Mrs Hughes also ordered him to pay £50 costs which he agreed to pay, along with the fine, by July 26.

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