A 33-year-old man has admitted letting himself into his ex-partner’s home, damaging Christmas presents and throwing up on her sofa.

Nathan Isaac Miller Holliday was initially charged with burglary with intent to damage, which he had denied, but that was replaced with a criminal damage charge, to which he pleaded guilty.

Prosecuting advocate Hazel Carroon told the court that Holliday’s ex-partner had left her home on December 18.

When she returned the following day, she found Holliday in the house, asleep on the sofa.

Her Christmas tree had been damaged and fluid had been spilled over presents under the tree.

Liquid had also been spilled over the carpet in the bedroom and there was loose change left in the bed.

A throw on the sofa had also been vomited on.

The woman woke Holliday and called his father to get him.

Her mother called the police and Holliday was subsequently arrested.

During an interview, the defendant admitted letting himself into the house through an unlocked back door.

Holliday said he was ‘severely intoxicated’ and couldn’t remember causing the damage.

He said he was ashamed and would not have done it if he hadn’t been so drunk.

Ms Carroon said that no value had been provided in relation to the damage caused.

Holliday has already previously pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour and sending threatening messages to the same woman.

We previously reported that, on November 4 at 2am, Holliday sent the woman voice messages on the application Whatsapp.

In the messages, he swore at her and told her: ‘I wanna smash your face in. I’m going to smash your face in. I’ll kill us all.’

He then threatened to come to her home so she locked the doors.

Holliday arrived at her house and tried to get in, then approached a window while holding a Stanley knife.

He told the woman: ‘Open the door now or I’m going to smash your window in.’

She told him that she was calling the police and Holliday left the scene.

He was later arrested and during a police interview, admitted sending the messages, but denied threatening the woman.

He claimed that he carried the Stanley knife for work.

The court heard that the couple had been separated for two years but had a child together.

Holliday said that he had been in an on/off relationship with the woman.

He said that he struggled with alcohol and had drunk 10 to 12 cans prior to sending the messages.

Holliday, who lives at Clifton Terrace, said he could not remember sending them, but did not wish to cause his ex-partner any harm.

Prosecutor Ms Carroon said that an application for a restraining order will be made when sentencing takes place.

Defence advocate Stephen Wood said that his client had pleaded guilty to the criminal damage charge on a reckless basis, due to his intoxication, rather than it being a deliberate act.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes adjourned sentencing until January 17, to allow time for further details of the damage caused to be obtained, and for a probation report to be completed.

No bail application was made and Holliday is remanded in custody.